The ACIPN is a peer led, peer driven support network of first responders for first  responders, whose volunteers are trained in best practices and deliver support in accordance with the ACIAC standards.

Registration Now Open:

This registration page is for ICISF-CISM trained peers who operate anywhere throughout Alberta and want to be part of this provincial network; who agree to put their name forth and conduct themselves in accordance with the ACIAC best practice, code of conduct and reporting structure. Privacy and confidentiality of personal information will be upheld and only administration will have access and will not be publically listed.


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Request for CISM response: The provincial network will establish a presence whereby any First Responder or Department wanting to access a peer support response can submit an electronic request or call and speak in person to a peer network coordinator. CISM peers will be able to access via secure login to access the ACIPN for information, consultation, or for assistance in providing Crisis Interventions, or if the peer needs support themselves. Further peers will be able to advice on their availability.



The ACIAC provides advice on the development, training, maintenance, and sustainability of a peer-support model specific to first responders in the province of Alberta. The ACIAC’s purpose is to provide consultation, education, resources, and support to Provincial first responder personnel and to develop,  support, and advise on a provincial standard interagency approach to critical incident response.