Cammie Laird

Cammie Laird - Vice Chair

Cammie Laird – Vice Chair


Cammie is currently a municipal Councillor for Clearwater County. She is a retired Fire Chief with a career spanning over 35 years of active service for various municipalities. She began her career as a volunteer fire fighter and prevention officer in 1982 with the City of Wetaskiwin. Over the years she has experienced a variety of aspects of the emergency services industry for several organizations: related to fire, emergency medical, and emergency management / disaster services in various capacities as a volunteer, contractor, and as a full-time occupation. These include fire fighter, instructor, evaluator, advisor, in many leadership positions as well as public educator, inspector, investigator, enforcement, and risk management related duties.

Cammie has a Business Degree in Emergency Services from Lakeland College and an Adult Education Degree from Brock University. She is a Level two Safety Codes Officer for both inspections and investigations and holds certificates in multiple NFPA – National Fire Protection Association standards as well as Fire Service Leadership certification from Dalhousie University. Chief Laird has been presented with several awards in recognition of her excellence, dedication, and commitment to the profession including her designation as a Certified Fire Officer through the Canadian Fire Chiefs Association, Fire Engineer through the Institution of Fire Engineers and Certified Emergency Manager through International Association of Emergency Managers.

She has served as an active board member for several organizations over the years such as the Alberta Fire Chief Association and Alberta Fire Instructors Association as well as participated as an advisory committee member to Fire ETC. (Formerly – Alberta Fire School) and Lakeland College for some of their programs. She is a member of the Canadian Fire Chiefs Association, Alberta College of Paramedics, International Association of Emergency Managers and Institution of Fire Engineers as well as past membership in Alberta Fire Investigators Association, International Society of Fire Instructors.

Cammie enjoys an active lifestyle with her family (Husband – Scott of 35 years) and (Daughter – Gennifer and Son in Law Sheldon and four wonderful grandchildren); of whom have followed in her footsteps and continue to serve in varying capacities within emergency services. She is an advocate for life-long learning, effective leadership and proactive partnerships. After a diagnosis of PTSD in late 2015 she expanded her advocacy to include the reduction of sigma associated with PTSD and promotion of standardized province-wide approach to best practices for critical incident response and related support mechanisms for first responders and their families.