Jeff Sych

Jeff Sych -ACIPN Clinical Director

Jeff Sych – ACIPN Clinical Director


Jeff Sych is a registered psychologist who has dedicated his private practice to the wellbeing and recovery of first responders.

Jeff is trained in the assessment and evidence-based treatment of mental health conditions that arise from first responder service but prefers to present on building resistance and resilience so that first responders stay psychologically healthy and put him out of business by not needing his services any longer.

Currently, Jeff is engaged in conducting two research projects, funded through government grants, one in collaboration with the University of Regina and one with the University of Alberta. The focus of the research is on different aspects of delivering first responder mental wellness programs and their effectiveness.

Jeff is an ICISF Approved Instructor for both CISM peer support courses “Assisting Individuals in Crisis” and “Group Crisis Intervention.” He is the clinical director of seven CISM teams: first responder, hospital and corporate based. He provides expert consultation on mental wellness initiatives, CISM team development and functioning and participated directly in CISM interventions.