Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin - ACIAC Board Chair

Jennifer Martin – Board Chair


Jennifer Martin has been a long standing member of the media and has fulfilled various positions in News management roles. She is based in Edmonton, Alberta. She is also the widow of former police officer who died by suicide in 2011. Following his death she was herself diagnosed with PTSD. She spoke about her experiences and insights into first responders and their families needs to several audiences and organizations including the Alberta Mental HealthFoundation Breakfast, Canadian Association of Police Boards, Alberta Brain Injury Awareness Month Kickoff Breakfast, a BC Emergency Responders conference and Edmonton Police Service Senior Command retreat. In December, 2018 she became Chair of the newly formed Alberta Critical Incident Advisory Council, whose eight member board wishes to support the Alberta Critical Incident Provincial Network and promote a funding proposal submitted to the Alberta Government by the ACIPN, also in December, 2018.