By | March 13, 2020

In keeping consistent with the ICISF CISM model of peer support, we want to ensure CISM Peers continue to respond to impact of stress in a consistent manner, regardless of the cause of the stress.


Our recommendations, with regard to responding to the stress associated with COVID-19 is to:


Work with your leadership to craft a consistent message that provides the facts about COVID-19.


This message should come from leadership and not the CISM Team peer members.


This message should include:

  • Basic Facts about COVID-19, provided by the Provincial Chief Medical Officer or their designate.
  • Outline of your department’s preparation and response plan.
  • Provide information about how your department will continue to update their members with information, include the mechanism and intervals.
  • Remind people about stress associated with rumours, gossip and misinformation.
  • Advise to restrict obtaining information from social media and possible stress of taking in the repetitive media news cycles.
  • Provide a few key tips for coping with stress and list of supports available (EAP, Peers).


The CISM Team should continue to monitor and assess the themes and nature of the impact on colleagues and address the stress rather than the details of the COVID 19 situation.


Stress education should be consistent with the 20/20 pre-incident education power-point slides with an emphasis on the effects of rumours and social media.


It is vital that the stress management messaging provided by the peers be separate from the messaging given by leadership about the situation of COVID-19.


If you require additional information about this topic please feel free to contact us directly.


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