This registration page is for ICISF-CISM trained peers who operate anywhere throughout Alberta and want to be part of this provincial network; who agree to put their name forth and conduct themselves in accordance with the ICISF-Canada best practice, code of conduct and reporting structure. Privacy and confidentiality of personal information will be upheld and only administration will have access and will not be publicly listed.


Registration Requirements:

  1. Registrants must be an active member of an Alberta First Responder Agency such as Fire Suppression, EMS, Enforcement, or Search and Rescue.
  2. Must have completed basic CISM training from an ICISF-Canada vetted Approved ICISF Instructor including “Assisting Individuals in Crisis”, and “Group Crisis Intervention.
  3. Must be a member in good standing of an ICISF-CISM Peer Support Team that is recognized by the ACIPN within an Alberta First Responder Agency or who agree to become members of the ACIPN and operate under clinical and network guidance.
  4. Must agree to uphold “Best Practices” as stipulated by the ICISF-Canada and the ICISF.

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