Public Resource Links and Documents

  • CIPSRT Self-Assessment Tools
  • ACIPN Alberta Critical Incident Peer Network Youtube Videos
  • CISM Best Practices and Procedures Manual
  • After a Crisis Brochure
  • CISM Overview: The What
  • CISM Overview: The How

Public Resources

  • ACIAC Terms of Reference
  • ACIPN – Stress Management Tips for PSP During COVID-19
  • ACIPN Brochure: After a Crisis Practical Tips for Self-Care After a Critical Incident
  • Biology of Hyper Vigilance and the General Adaptation Syndrome in PSP
  • Burnout: Here’s How to Recognize the Symptoms
  • CISM Guidelines for COVID-19 Response
  • Common Signs and Symptoms of a Stress Reaction
  • Coping with COVID-19 for Public Safety Personnel Power Point Presentation
  • Coping with Stress During the COVID-19 Outbreak
  • COVID-19 WHO Fast Sheet: Coping with Stress During the Pandemic
  • COVID-19 WHO Fact Sheet: Helping Children Cope with Stress During the 2019-nCoV Outbreak
  • Mandate and Purpose of the ACIAC
  • Responder Magazine: CISM Best Practices Article by Jeff Sych
  • Psychological Coping During a Pandemic
  • Psychological Reactions to COVID-19
  • Resiliency Video: The Pre-Incident Education, Presented by Jeff Sych
  • Stress Management 
  • Suggestions for Using Peer Support During Large-Scale Events
  • To Better Understand Stigma and How to Combat It!
  • Understanding Holiday Stress
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