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Welcome Package Forms

Please review our Welcome Package Forms that include the ACIPN Contract and Code of Conduct, we require a signed copy that can be returned to us by email or fax: 587-521-0100

ACIPN Contract

Code of Conduct

The Peer Network is for any First Responder or Department wanting to access a peer support response and can submit an electronic request or call and speak in person to a peer network coordinator. Registered CISM Peers will be able to access the ACIPN via secure login for information, consultation, or assistance in providing Crisis Interventions, or if the peer needs support themselves. These peers will also be able to advise on their availability and their geolocation will only be known to the Network Admin staff/Coordinator as a general postal code so that the Network can activate ACIPN Peer members within proximity to the caller for mutual aid.

ABCISM - Alberta Critical Incident Advisory Peer Network (ACIPN) Logo

The Alberta Critical Incident Peer Network ACIPN
Tel: 780-953-CISM(2476) 

Fax: 587-521-0100

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