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ACIPN Mandate

The ACIPN is a peer led, peer driven support network of first responders for first  responders, whose volunteers are trained in best practices and deliver support in accordance with the ACIAC standards.


ACIPN Overview

The ACIPN-Peers manage their real time availability through their own profile resulting in deployment of resources that are in close proximity and that have appropriate experience and training. When ACIPN-Peers generate a profile, they will be represented on a map of Alberta in their general area (e.g., postal code). The ACIPN Network Coordinator can then use this information to access the closest and most relevant support.


ACIPN Privacy

Personal information will be collected, stored, and used in accordance to Canadian and Alberta standards. A high level of database and website protection is enforced. Website users and registered peers alike will only be able to view the general location of the ACIPN resources and not specific addresses.


 ACIPN Peer Benefits to registering

  • There is a general benefit to being part of and privy to a larger network of trained peers.
  • Access to the network for expert consultation and guidance on CISM Peer Support.
  • To be able to access additional supports and assistance with group interventions, surveillance and assessment, and one-on-ones.
  • Immediate access, 24/7 to support and guidance from the network via Email or telephone.
  • Access to continuing education, workshops, lectures, and seminars.
  • Resources and materials supplied to ACIPN-Peers (i.e., cue cards, brochures, identification, etc.,)



Access is limited to registered ACIPN-Peers
To address such issues (but not limited to):

  • For guidance in development and maintenance of a CISM Team
  • To acquire expert consultation regarding issues and concerns that may arise while operating a CISM Team
  • For guidance and consultation regarding a strategic plan
  • For guidance on how to deal with unexpected issues that may arise while providing CISM interventions and how to deal with them appropriately.


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